Microfiber Towel - Grey

€ 15,00

The Tauro Pro Line towel will help you dry your pet quickly and efficiently after a long walk or a fun bath.



Absorbs 10 times more than conventional cotton towels


The high quality, extra dense microfibre towel absorbs water ten times faster than a cotton towel.



Excellent removal of dirt and moisture


Thanks to its large dimensions and excellent absorbency, the towel is ideal for removing dirt and moisture from your pet's entire body. You'll do it in just a few minutes.



Efficient and gentle on your pet


The towel not only absorbs moisture perfectly, but is also gentle on your pet – no tangling, no pet hair sticking to the towel.





The towel is reusable and machine washable at 40 degrees. Fabric softeners and bleaches are not recommended. The towel absorbs moisture perfectly and looks like new even after many washing cycles.





Use the towel in a car, at home and elsewhere to protect furniture and seats from pet hair.



For all breeds and coat types


Tauro Pro Line microfibre towels are perfect for all types of dogs. No matter what pet you have: small, medium or large, this high quality quick drying towel is a perfect way to quickly dry wet fur and remove dirt, leaving your four legged friend clean, dry and happy!





  • Composition: polyester – 80%, polyamide – 20%.
  • Sizes: S1 60 x 90 cm
              S2 80 x 120 cm.
  • Colours: grey, purple.