Healthy Coat Glossy Conditioner

€ 18,00 € 10,00

“Healthy Coat Smoothing” balsam with premium ingredients and shea butter for smoothing and moisturizing your pet's coat. Designed for all types of dog and cat coats.

The product is distinguished by its coat restoring, moisturizing and antistatic properties.

For smoothing and moisturizing the pet's coat:

  • Smooth coat. Designed to help dogs and cats maintain a smooth, silky coat.
  • Nourished hair. The vitamin complex saturates the coat even more with various elements.

Enriched with shea butter

Shea butter gives the coat a special shine and softness. In addition, shea butter moisturizes the hair, gives it smoothness, and helps to control the growing coat.

Verified by professionals:

  • Safe ingredients – without silicones, parabens and SLS.
  • Created by breeders – reliable, high-quality products.
  • Suitable for all types of pet coats.

Use: Dilute the balsam with water in a ratio of 1:10. Gently massage it into the coat after washing with shampoo. Leave in for about 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. For best results, use along with Tauro Pro Line Pure Mist.

Recommended: the product is designed to smooth out and deeply nourish pet's coat. Suitable for all types of dog and cat coats. Thanks to its extremely gentle formula, the conditioner is perfect for pets with sensitive skin.