Pomeranian Beauty - Slicker

€ 15,00

Super flexible brush perfect for the Pomeranian's coat.FEATURES:

  • Extra long and flexible picks perfect for double coated Pomeranian dog hair.
  • The long bristles help to reach the root making brushing easier.
  • Its flexibility allows untangling without splitting the hair and protects the skin.
  • High resistance wood handle.
  • Extraordinarily soft stainless steel tines.
  • Presentation in blister packs.
  • Size: 15.5 x 9 cm.

These characteristics make it a perfect tool for the care of the Pomeranian.

Recommended use:

We recommend the use of our carder for untangling matted or tangled cloaks, and for drying after bathing.

Mode of Use:

Use the card first in favor of the hair opening layer by layer until it is completely untangled. Do not put pressure on the skin.