Calm & Repair Balm

€ 19,95

Balm for pads and skin lesions with Alopecia X Pomerania.
Super nourishing, soothing and regenerating.

Calm & Repair Balm is a repairing balm based on natural oils specially formulated for the daily care of the pads, as well as skin lesions due to alopecia X, whether redness, itching, rash or irritation.
The oils present in our formula are highly soothing, regenerating and nourishing, making it an indispensable in the daily care of our Pomeranian.INDICATED:

To be applied daily to the pads, to prevent dryness and cracking due to high and low temperatures or contamination. Their paws are very exposed to the ground, giving them extra hydration and care will keep them healthy and well cared for.
And if there is one thing that makes Calm & Repair a must-have in your natural medicine cabinet, it is precisely its soothing power.
More and more we find various skin lesions very common in Pomeranians with alopecia X.
They cause redness, hair loss, itching and irritation.
Having Calm & Repair Balm always at hand has been a relief and a peace of mind.
It's a must-have product in our salon. And I always carry one in my purse. And I have several at home.
Such has been my love affair and it has helped me so much. We all use it at home. For my four-legged children and for the two-legged ones.
It has removed the diaper rash in the children in hours, something that had not happened to me with any other product.
My oldest son had an extremely itchy and burning rash, I applied Calm Balm and in less than 30 seconds the itching stopped and the redness went down and the next day he had nothing.
Knowing that whatever it is that makes them irritated or red Calm & Repair calms my Pomeranians and my children. For me it is a relief
And of course I have added it to my daily routine to moisturize and care for my lips.
Seeing the benefits on the skin has made me totally in love with Calm & Repair Balm and I recommend it to all of you.


Apply a thin layer on the area to be treated. Massage for a few seconds until it penetrates the skin. In winter it should be worked more with the fingers, so that it blends better with the skin. In summer the heat makes the product more manageable and therefore easier to apply.
As they are natural oils, their viscosity decreases at high temperatures (the opposite happens at cold temperatures).