Recovery Alopecia X BSD Recovery Lotion

€ 35,00

Lotion for Alopecia X BSD Pomerania for daily application.
Our Recovery Lotion formula has 98.6% ingredients of natural origin (fragrance free)
With a careful selection of oils and active ingredients with ultra moisturizing, antibacterial, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and healing action.
Benefits that help the cellular and capillary regeneration of the skin.
Our probiotic formula is based on feeding and nourishing your microbiota working from the inside for a healthy and strong hair growth.

Fragrance-free formula, we eliminated artificial perfume in our treatment line.
Recovery Lotion, Recovery Mask and Elixir Oils have a natural scent of ingredients, pure and essential oils to regenerate and repair the skin and coat of the PomeranianINDICATED:

For Pomeranians with bald patches due to Alopecia X or other skin pathologies, regardless of their condition. We recommend its daily use both in the initial stages where the first bald patches appear, and in cases where the Pomeranian is completely bald.


We recommend applying Recovery Lotion every day on the affected areas (bald spots)
Apply a few sprays on the skin and finish by massaging with your fingers until it is absorbed by the skin.


In September 2023 I received a call to give me a puppy that I had fallen in love with a few months before. "Kenzo"
He was 9 months old, had a very very cottony coat, and had been on our Recovery treatment for a few months, but his breeder thought of me to get his coat back.
Both his breeder and I knew we had a long road ahead of us.
But just as his breeder thought of me to take care of him and give him love, I knew I would do everything in my power to get him back to help me study prevention and how to act before the disease started.

In our ongoing study of Alopecia X in the Pomeranian, I felt that I needed a new product to support and complement the Recovery treatment.
I studied his skin and how it was behaving week after week, and what I could do to improve his coat, and see some change in his puppy coat which as the months went by was becoming more and more dull and poorer looking until the first bald patches appeared behind the ears, on the chest and a slight loss on the hind legs.

In alopecia there are cases that are easier or more difficult to recover and this was one of the most complex.

But then knowing what her skin and coat needed, treating so many Pomeranians with alopecia at our Boutique Pets and Poms grooming salon, I knew she needed a leave-on lotion for daily use, this would fully support the weekly treatment we do at our salon or that owners do at home.

A product that we could apply every day on bald spots, and that could be left on the skin, so that the skin would absorb all the benefits of the product without the need for rinsing.

We immediately began to notice the results, both in Kenzo and in all the clients who came to our grooming salon. Even though we applied it two or three times a week, depending on the frequency with which each dog came, we could see the first results very soon.

Kenzo recovered the hair on his chest and ears that were bald and black. And along with his weekly Recovery Mask treatment he has beautiful hair with its beautiful bright adult colors.

Truly Recovery Lotion has been a key product in Kenzo's recovery and the convenience of its application, its ease of application and the benefits it has on the skin and coat will make all of you who have a Pomeranian with Alopecia X problems love this product.

I hope with all my heart that Recovery Lotion gives you as much light as it gave me and Kenzo ❤️