Pomeranian Alopecia X Recovery Mask

€ 45,00

Intensive treatment indicated for pomeranians with severe dehydration, very cottony and/or with alopecia x (BSD POMERANIAN).
Our exclusive formula has been created after years of research and work with real cases of Alopecia treated in our grooming salon with excellent results.
Our exclusive formula contains effective growth enhancers and ultra-moisturizing ingredients that protect and recover the coat, preventing breakage and helping new hair to grow.

New formula without perfume, we eliminated the artificial perfume in our treatment line.
Recovery and elixir have a natural scent of pure and essential oils to regenerate and repair the skin and coat of your Pomeranian.
If you notice a strong smell, it means that the mask is loaded with benefits for your Pomeranian.

Your skin is worth more than your scent.WHY DO WE LOVE IT?

Its concentrated formula contains high quality ingredients that act directly on the skin, regenerating, repairing and strengthening the hair so that it grows strong and healthy. It is a powerful ultra-moisturizing cocktail that prevents breakage and restores softness instantly. Indicated to help recover the coat of your Pomeranian, as maintenance in very cottony Pomeranians in the prevention of alopecia and to avoid relapses.


In the prevention and treatment of alopecia and follicular atrophy:

It is ideal for very cottony puppies that do not start moulting normally. It favors the growth of new hair.

In pomeranias with dry, dehydrated or very cottony textured hair. Moisturizes in depth avoiding hair breakage so important in this disease. And it favors the growth of the primary hair a stronger and colored hair.

After surgery, often after an operation we find that the hair is shaved and after several months it does not grow normally. It helps to restore the texture and give strength to the new hair to come out.

For the consequences of a bad haircut. Or the famous Boo cut. Moisturizes, regenerates and repairs from the inside favoring the growth of new hair. Giving strength to be able to go out.

When alopecia is already visible with bald patches all over the body. It treats the skin, prevents skin infections, regenerates, and works from the inside, activating the birth of new hair.


Weekly baths with intensive repair shampoo. Apply Recovery Mask together with the elixir. Make the mixture in a container. We recommend adding elixir depending on the dehydration (Contact us, provide photos or videos) and we can advise you on the amount of Elixir to add. Stir the mixture well and apply on the skin and hair, spreading the product with a good massage, allowing it to penetrate well into the skin. We recommend covering the body with a transparent kitchen towel to provide warmth and better absorption of the active ingredients. We can also cover it with a towel to prevent the waiting time from getting cold. Time of action of the mask 20 minutes. Then rinse with plenty of water. Dry with a towel and then with a hairdryer.


The treatment time varies depending on each case, each Pomeranian responds individually, what for a Pomeranian takes between 4 to 6 weeks to grow new hair, for others it takes 4 to 6 months to see the results.

In 90% of the cases treated in our salon the Recovery Mask treatment worked. We restored the beauty of their hair.

Our treatment is based on a spa treatment with ozone therapy, which we highly recommend. We do it in combination with our RECOVERY MASK.

We have also worked from a distance, because this is a worldwide problem. We have clients from all over the world who have used our mask and have had very good results.

This has proven to be effective, and has also had positive results with the use of the mask alone. This makes it an affordable, do-it-yourself treatment at home.

The greatest reward for these years dedicated to Alopecia X, is undoubtedly each successful treatment, or a photo to the email of clients from other countries who bet on us and succeeded! Your Pomeranian has regained his coat.

However, we must not forget that it is a disease whose cause is still unknown.

Although dermo-cosmetics help a lot, it can also happen that some Pomeranias do not manage to recover their coat.

With this mask we do not pretend to guarantee that all Pomeranians will regain their hair. We do not want to disappoint anyone if your Pomeranian does not work. Because as we mentioned in the next point, other factors such as food, state of the immune system, genetic factors... also influence...

We just want to put in your hands what has worked for us in a very high percentage of cases, and I tell you that it is worth a try. For me Recovery mask is a before and after in my work. With which I have helped many Pomeranians. I leave you a sample of before and after photos with real dogs of our treatments. Both in Pomeranias already without hair, as they recover it and with very cottony Pomeranias with severely dehydrated and damaged coat, not less important. Because as I said before, prevention is better than cure.