€ 24,99

Stripper gently and naturally purifies and chelates hair. Sulfate – Free and Color – Safe. Natural purifiers and EDTA – free chelators gently remove chlorine, hard water minerals, product build up, embedded metals, chemicals, medicine and pollutants from hair. Phytic acid derived from rice eliminates well water orange hair. Keratin curative system protects color while leaving hair incredibly healthy, shiny and vibrant. Sodium Chloride – Free formula.

Instructions for use: Apply the shampoo to damp hair. Work into a lather- being sure to cleanse the entire hair shaft through to the ends. Only shampoo the hair- do not massage the skin as it may increase skin sensitivity. Rinse thoroughly. Do not dilute. After shampooing, proceed with a treatment. IMPORTANT! It is highly recommended after using Stripper, proceed with a treatment - Starfire's Greed. 

Available in 227ml and 908ml.