Tauro Pro Line Comb - 19cm

€ 22,50

The new Tauro Pro Line ROYAL COLLECTION line comb is a professionally developed, high quality pet coat care product.


Crafted using unique technology

This comb has been manufactured using a special technique based on electrolysis – the  metal comb is specially coated with chrome, reducing static load, protecting against corrosion, and ensuring smooth gliding for flawless pet grooming.


High quality

This comb has a durable metal construction coated with chrome, while being extremely lightweight. Ideal for daily grooming, professional use in hairdressing salons or at shows.


Impeccable results every day

The combination of double teeth allows the comb to glide gently through the fur without tangling or breaking. Perfect for daily use on a variety of dog and cat breeds.


Resistant to moisture and corrosion

Not only is the comb strong and durable, but also resistant to moisture and corrosion due to special technology, ensuring a longer service life.


Safe for pets' skin

The bristle tips are rounded, preventing scratches on the pet's skin. Each bristle is processed with a special technology to gently separate each hair. The bristles are made of metal.


For universal use

Tauro Pro Line comb can be used by professional pet groomers and pet owners who care about their pet's coat.




  • Size – M.
  • Comb length – 19 cm.
  • Tooth length – 3.2 cm (1.2").
  • Number of teeth – 69.
  • Tooth diameter – 1.15 mm (0.04").
  • The bristles are made of metal.
  • Teeth - stainless steel.
  • The comb is not intended for combing tangles.