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TAURO PRO LINE Ultra Natural Care Detangling Leave-In is a leave-in conditioner that facilitates combing and is suitable for cats and dogs with even the most sensitive skin and fur.

This no-rinse conditioner is mild and effective, acting both as a coat and skin conditioner and as a moisturising product to make brushing easier.


For easier combing of the coat

The conditioner quickly helps to remove the coat tangles, making combing easy and fast. Ready-to-use, its rinse-free formula helps to eliminate knots, tangles and static build-up while retaining and restoring moisture, leaving the coat smooth and shiny.


Smooth and well-groomed coat

Hydrolysed keratin in its formula can improve the hair texture for a smoother appearance, while time rebuilding the hair's natural protective layer from the inside, filling it with proteins and volumising.


Contains glycerine

Glycerin in the composition of the product serves as a natural moisturiser: it deeply saturates the skin and hair with moisture, can improve hair elasticity and reduce hair loss.


With panthenol

Pantenol is a form of vitamin B5 widely used as an ingredient in both skin and hair care products. It makes the coat easy to comb, soft, and gives it a healthy shine.


Contains sunflower seed extract

The extract contains many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can help keep skin and hair healthy and beautiful.


With anti-static properties

Reduces static electricity by neutralising the electrical charge on the hair surface.


For sensitive pets

Due to its mild formulation, the conditioner is ideal for pets with sensitive skin: It is formulated without SLS, parabens, mineral oils and silicones.


Verified by professionals

It is a professional product developed by a breeder and made of high-end ingredients.


Convenient packaging

Convenient packaging with dispenser for precise application.



  • Quantity – 250 ml.
  • For dogs and cats.
  • For all types of coats.

Made in the European Union.