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Tauro Pro Line Ultra Natural Care Deep Clean + Intense Hydrate is a collection of high-end skin and coat care samples consisting of a deep cleansing shampoo, coat and skin intensive moisturising shampoo and mask.


The perfect care for your pet's coat and skin is a three-step system:

Step 1 – Cleaning. The hair and skin are thoroughly washed and prepared for the next step.

Step 2 – Function. The second wash enhances the desired function.

Step 3 – Fixation. The coat is conditioned, the result is recorded and the moisture of the coat is maintained.


Safe cosmetics for your pet

The Tauro Pro Line Pure Nature is a natural cosmetic line: no synthetic preservatives or other ingredients that can cause allergic reactions, dry skin or weaken hair follicles are used in the manufacture of the products.


Step 1 – Ultra Natural Care Deep Clean Shampoo for deep skin cleaning.  Removes dirt and excess sebum, leaving the coat and skin super soft.

Deep cleanses coat and skin

The product cleanses the skin and skin deeply and effectively: removes dirt, dust, dead fur hair, and other accumulated dirt. Regular cleaning of the skin and coat can help prevent allergic skin reactions or the risk of hair loss.

Enriched with sage extract

Sage extract in the shampoo controls sebum secretion and gives the coat a healthy shine. Sage also has antibacterial and soothing effects, as well as the ability to deeply cleanse the skin and coat while causing no irritation, being gentle on your pet, and has a pleasant scent.


Step 2 – Ultra Natural Care Intense Hydrate Shampoo. It is designed to strengthen hair, deeply moisturise the skin and coat, give it shine and enhance colour.

Enriched with almond extract

Almond extract has moisturising properties, improves the barrier function of the skin, conditions and restores the hair structure. In addition, almond extract moisturises the pet's skin and has a pleasant scent.

Contains glycerine

Glycerin in the composition of the product serves as a natural moisturiser: it deeply saturates the skin and hair with moisture, can improve hair elasticity and reduce hair loss.


Step 3 – Ultra Natural Care Intense Hydrate repair mask. With the highest quality ingredients and almond extract, it is designed to strengthen hair, deeply moisturise skin and coat, give it shine and enhance colour.


Easy combing

The product contains panthenol. It is a form of vitamin B5 widely used as an ingredient in both skin and hair care products. It makes the coat easy to comb, soft, and gives it a healthy shine.

Removal of tangles

A mask with moisturising and repairing properties, ideal for removing tangles.


Verified by professionals

These are professional products developed by the breeder and made from top-class ingredients.



  • Quantity:
    shampoo „Ultra Natural Care Deep Clean“ – 1 x 6 ml;
    shampoo „Ultra Natural Care Intense Hydrate“ – 1 x 8 ml;
    mask „Ultra Natural Care Intense Hydrate“ – 1 x 4 ml.
  • For dogs and cats.
  • For all types of coats.


Made in the European Union.