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Natural, multifunctional product, created with electrochemical activation. This process produces alkaline water with a pH of 11,3. It’s designed for daily care of the skin, fur, eyes, and ears of dogs, cats, and other pets. Suitable for use during exhibitions.


Eye and ears hygiene

Removes dirt and tear stains. You can safely spray directly into the eyes of the pet, cleaning them with a cotton pad.


Coat care

Product protects the skin from irritations and allergies. Helps to remove dirt and dust from the coat, yellow urine stains. Promotes collagen production. Attracts 10 times more moisture than water. Can be sprayed directly onto the coat.



An acidic environment is perfect for bacteria to grow. Alkaline water is particularly unfavorable to bacteria, so this remedy is suitable for disinfection, has antibacterial and healing properties.


Cosmetic efficiency

When used in combination with shampoo, conditioner or other cosmetics can improve their properties more than 7 times.



Has moisturizing properties and can help protect the skin from dryness and allergies.


Keep clean

Helps to avoid brown tear stains and removes dirt, yellow urine stains on the fur or skin.


Easy to use

Spray whenever is needed. Doesn’t require rinsing or bathing afterwards.


For various pets

The product is suitable for use dogs, cats and other small pets.


Composition: 11,3 pH ionized alkaline water containing six ions: Ca2+, Mg2+, HCO3-, Cl-, SO42-, Na+.


Usage: Spray 1-2 times directly into the ears or eyes, wipe the dirt using a cotton pad. Use as needed.

Use on a wet coat before drying; or daily on a dry coat. For pets weighing up to 10 kg, spray 3-5 times, 10-25 kg – 5-7 times and more than 25 kg – 7-10 times.

Use in combination with cosmetic products to enhance their effect. For external use only, spray on the coat or skin 2-4 times.