Chunker Scissor Curved - Right Handed

€ 170,00 € 136,00

Tauro Pro Line Classic line scissors made of the highest quality stainless 440c steel, single alloy, steel for professional scissors production. Scissors of this line are characterized by lightness, so they are very easy and maneuverable to operate, and due to the high-quality materials used in production, they are extremely sharp.


Due to their special design, scissors are extremely convenient to operate, so they will become an insatiable tool for grooming the coat.


For fillering
Scissors 18 centimeters (7 inches) long is designed for fillering (chunker curly fur). Perfectly adapted when it comes to philandering rather than smooth haircuts. Scissors are designed to make the coat cut with them look natural – cutting forms different distances between strands of adjacent hair and makes them look lighter and fluffier than cutting with ordinary scissors. This model of scissors has 56 teeth, which clipped precisely by making an uneven silhouette.


 Stainless steel curved scissors are designed to philander the legs, chest and other curved areas of the body of animals. Conveniently curved blades will help to achieve a quality result without any hassle. Scissors are great for shaping poodle or curly buff hairstyles. 


Ergonomic design

Scissors of ergonomic design have additional earrings that provide an exceptionally comfortable position of the fingers during work. Small additional details ensure the stability of scissors in the hands, do not allow scissors to intersect.


Luxurious and elegant
 Luxury scissors of classic design, designed for professionals. The scissors look very elegant, are decorated with crystal.


Highest quality
 Scissors made of the highest quality stainless steel are durable, extremely sharp and durable. You can be sure that these scissors will serve you for years. 



  • For: Philandering.
  • Form: with teeth.
  • Size: 7" / 18 cm.
  • 56 teeth.
  • Color – gray.
    • Composition: 440c stainless steel.