Small Cutting Scissors - Right Handed

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The Tauro Pro Line Janita Plungė Line is a new generation of scissors using the highest quality 440c stainless steel and aluminum. Thanks to this production technology, the highest quality is guaranteed - the scissors are extremely light, ergonomic, designed to work continuously for a long time.


Thanks to their special design, the scissors are extremely easy to handle, making them an indispensable tool for caring for fur.


Ergonomic design
Stainless steel scissors and their ergonomic design allow you to easily and safely trim the animal's mouth, around the eyes, ears and feet. Scissors are perfect for shaping hairstyles for bottles or curly bison.


Easy operation - recommended by professionals!

When cutting an animal with these scissors, the hands are not stressed, they do not get tired, the movements can be easily controlled - due to the extremely high quality and very easy handling, the scissors in this line are the most popular among hairdressers.


Highest quality
The scissors made of the highest quality stainless steel are durable, extremely sharp and durable. You can be sure that these scissors will serve you for many years.



Scissors Care Guide. Easy to adjust with regulator, easy to maintain. Important: Scissors must be cleaned after each dog shearing. To act responsibly and carefully, to protect the scissors from sharp blows on hard surfaces, scissors damaged during the blow may no longer be suitable for cutting. Proper care of scissors requires much less sharpening. The scissors are designed for long-term use. It is only recommended for grooming bathed dogs.



For: haircut.
Shape: straight.
Size: 4.5 "/ 11 cm.
Composition: 440c stainless steel, aluminum.
With gold handles.