Superior Care Red Coat - Grain Free - Salmon - Adult - Small Breeds

€ 16,99

Nature's Protection Superior Care Red Coat Grain Free Salmon is a full-fledged high-end grainless feed with salmon for adult small breed dogs.

The feed is based on an exclusive formula based on studies, so it can help protect and highlight red fur pigment and nourish skin and fur from the inside.




Suitable for sensitive and allergic pets.

In addition to ingredients of cereal origin that can cause allergic reactions. Suitable for pets with a sensitive digestive system, does not burden the digestive tract.




With salmon and krill

  • The composition is supplemented by an exclusive element – krill. This is a small, shrimp-like crustacean, distinguished by multifunctional benefits for the pet's body. Irreplaceable Omega-3 fatty acidslurking in small krill are 2.5 times better absorbed than from ordinary fish oil. In addition, the natural component of krill – vitamin choline, especially important for smooth brain function , is 12 times more active than the added one.
  • Certified premium salmon is the main source of high-quality protein. All ingredients are selected taking into account the recommendations of veterinarians and nutrition experts, according to the natural needs of your pet.




Special formula

Produced in accordance with a special RCE (RCE) Red Coat Enhancer) formula, so it can help protect and highlight red fur pigment.




Natural antioxidants

Vitamin E and rosemary extract can help protect cells from the harmful effects of free radicals.




For a healthy immune system

Supplemented with a natural mineral, dynamically micronized clinooptilolitis, which actively stimulates the intestinal microflora and the absorption of nutrients. Due to its special microstructure, it canbe used to remove toxins from the body and strengthen the immune system.

This feed of unique composition is specially adapted for young dogs of small breeds, can help protect and highlight red fur pigment and nourish the skin and fur from the inside.

NATURE'S PROTECTION Superior care – Super Premium dry feed line, which is characterized by innovative ingredients and reflects a healthy pet diet based on the latest trends and technologies. Feed contains only the highest quality protein sources and other innovative ingredients.


Made in the European Union.